[23] Birthday Musings

✏️️Goldy Mariz Lunesa
📅October 2020
👀1 mins

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I have officially survived 23 revolutions around the sun! I am very grateful to all the people who made this happen. What a better way to celebrate than to share my thoughts to the internet void? Right? Right?

It feels like I have been through lots, but at the same time, I feel like there is so much that I need to learn. It's crazy right? Currently, it scares me how I am so near to turning 30 already. At the same time, I am also frightened by the fact that I most probably still have to work 4 more decades till I could finally retire. So many ironies indeed.

a. Lists b. More lists!

Here are my goals for the following year:

  • Learn more about data science
  • Have at least one contribution every week in my Github account
  • Improve my discipline, from my personal to professional goals
  • Create more open source projects
  • Increase my skillset programming-wise

I think these goals are manageable and realistic. I like to think that I can achieve them all! Looking forward to update this blog a year later, hope I get to check all items in this list! What are goals for the next year? Tweet me @gmlunesa.

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