Blog series: The journey

✏️️Goldy Mariz Lunesa
📅September 2020
👀1 mins

A warm welcome

Good day from the Philippines to wherever you are from. I am starting this blog series to document my progress in the personal portfolio website that I am building. I have been dabbling and releasing multiple versions of my website since I was in university (oh, to be young again!). You can check them out in the branches of this repository. However, this is the first major overhaul involving most of the website components.

A tech upgrade

For this website, I have consolidated my website and blog in one project. I also used an open source web framework, GatsbyJS to take care of things such as optimization and build time for me. It has been a breeze to work with GatsbyJS despite the learning curve, hence I want to share my journey in a multi-part blog series!

A visual revamp

Designing and developing from the ground up, consolidating the visual element proved to be important. Accessibility and aesthetics were both significantly improved through adhering to a uniform stylesheet. As a backend developer who rarely deals with UI, it has been a struggle to reach a point where I am both satisfied and proud of how my website looks.

A wrap-up

I am looking forward to write more articles and share more information with everyone! If you are interested, you can sign up for my newsletter through the form below. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can reach me through any of my social media accounts listed here.

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