Projects of Goldy Mariz

A collection of my personal projects, as I keep up with new releases and innovations.

Cover for Frendex project by Goldy Mariz Lunesa


FrenDex is a cross-platform application (Android, iOS and Windows) that allows the user to keep track of information about friends or loved ones. Technologies Used C# .NET MAUI SQLITE Project Goals I…

.NET MAUIC#App Development
Cover for SenTwiNet project by Goldy Mariz Lunesa


SenTwiNet is a sentiment analysis tool that utilizes ML.NET and is bootstrapped with ASP.NET MVC. Technologies Used ML.NET Visual Studio Azure App Service Case Problem ML.NET is an open source and…

ML.NETC#App Development
Cover for MeowLearn project by Goldy Mariz Lunesa


MeowLearn is a concept project that uses the ASP.NET MVC framework to build a fullstack e-learning platform. Please take note that the live demo might be taken down from time to time to save on my…